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About Port Dickson Malaysia

Port Dickson is a popular beach destination in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Peninsular Malaysia.
About 60 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson, or PD to locals, is about an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur
along the North-South Highway and about 32 km from Seremban.

This small town used to produce charcoal, but it was later developed as a small port by the British during the Strait Settlement period.
Port Dickson was also known as Tanjung. In Malay language that means "cape".
The oldest shophouses were the four situated presently at Jalan Lama.
There was also a carbon mine at the first mile of the coast road (Jalan Pantai),
and therefore Port Dickson was also called "Arang" (charcoal) in the Malay language.

Tin ore was plentiful in Lukut, an area within the Port Dickson district, during the 1820's, and it attracted Chinese immigrant miners.
The British considered the area to have great potential as a harbour. It was intended to supersede the port in Pengkalan Kempas.
The in-charge officer's name was Dickson, and thereafter the town was named Port Dickson.
Others claim that Sir John Frederick Dickson founded Port Dickson and Pulau Arang in 1889.

Port Dickson evolved into a busy trading centre. Railways were constructed to facilitate the growth and development of Port Dickson.
Although Port Dickson experienced rapid development, the beautiful beaches are fairly well preserved.
Now, Port Dickson has become not only a beautiful tourist destination, but a large municipality with about 90 000 residents.

Back in the late 1990s, Port Dickson went through a boom of hotels and resorts.
Some of these projects never took off the ground and the unfinished construction projects can still be seen along the tourist town.
However, today, with the economy improving and tourism booming in Malaysia, the projects are being revived.

The 18 km extent of beach from Tanjung Gemuk in the north to Tanjung Tuan in the south is a popular holiday destination for visitors
from all over Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Many Singaporeans have invested in holiday homes in and around Port Dickson.
Commonly refered to as PD, Port Dickson is the most touristy attraction in Negeri Sembilan and has long been the the favourite
weekend beach retreat for Kuala Lumpur city dwellers.




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