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Beaches in Port Dickson Malaysia

Port Dickson is one of the closest beachside destinations in the south of Peninsular Malaysia, being close to major cities
such as Kuala Lumpur and Malacca, as well as being a top draw for visitors from Singapore.
The stretch of beaches begin from PD Town and skirts the coastal road until Tanjung Tuan,
spanning a rough distance of 16 km in length or ten miles.
Each beach has its attractions, with varying numbers of hotels, facilities and activities depending on its popularity.
Generally, the further down south the beach is, the more preserved and quiet the location,
with the exception of extremely popular Teluk Kemang, which lies somehwere in the middle.

Tanjung Gemuk is a small beach hidden behind a residential area, just a few minutes away from Port Dickson town.
Despite being so close to town, the beach has a peaceful atmosphere with few visitors and only two major hotels;
Glory Beach Resort and Grand Lexis.
A paved walkway leads past gazebos shaded by casuarina trees,
but the beach offers little else in terms of recreational facilities.
The sea view is slightly cluttered by hotels and buildings at both ends, but the beach is at least clean,
despite slightly murky waters.
To reach this beach, head towards Lukut or PD town using the main road and turn left
at the signboard for Tanjung Gemuk.

Saujana Beach lies along 4th mile of the Port Dickson coastal road, stretching south along a 1km beach stretch
starting from Avillion Resort until Pantai Cahaya Negeri.
The main entrance is opposite the Saturday Night Market site,
but a few gravel paths snake their way to the beach between the outlying hotels.
A peaceful location near PD Town, the sand is of a fine, creamy texture while the sea is clean and gentle.
Water sports are limited to a few jet ski and banana boat operators,
preserving the inherent tranquility of Pantai Saujana.
The spacious beach area also makes it a popular venue for camping activities,
kite flying and couples looking for a quite stroll.

Pantai Cahaya Negeri

Teluk Kemang

Pantai Cermin

Bagan Pinang

Tanjung Tuan

Blue Lagoon

Pantai Seri Purnama
This is the best secluded beach currently, far away from the fast and rapid development taking place near other beaches.



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