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Lanisha Villa  Port Dickson-Terms and Conditions Schedule


Lanisha Villa has four air-conditioned rooms, equipped with bed/mattress and pillows to accommodate a
MAXIMUM CAPACITY of 20 Guests, 5 person per room.
 An additional of RM 20.00 will be charged for every extra Guest (age 7 and above).

Reservation can only  be guaranteed by paying a minimum BOOKING DEPOSIT of 70% of TOTAL RENTAL, which is NOT refundable.
You will be given our Bank Account details for you to bank-in the BOOKING DEPOSIT.

Please make Payment within 6 hours upon receiving our payment instructions.
The Date/Dates you booked will be RELEASED if payment is not received in time.
Your Booking is only guaranteed once a BOOKING DEPOSIT or FULL PAYMENT is banked-in or received by us.
Please advise us by email after your bank transfer has been made.
We will then send you an email confirmation note.
All Reservations are handled on “first come, first serve" basis.

The remainder balance 30% of TOTAL RENTAL must be banked-in THREE(3) DAYS before the day of check-in.

Cancellation Policy ( PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING ) :
We try to maintain the most reasonable and deeply discounted rate all year around and thus we keep it simple as to avoid misunderstanding and complication .
Our bookings are non-cancellable, non-changeable, and non-refundable reservation.
Once booking has been made the bungalow is held for you and no other booking can be made for the same date.
Please note that there is no change of date allowed once confirmation has been made.
Please discuss with the management in advance on the options available.
BOOKING DEPOSITS  are NOT refundable.

A Refundable Security Deposit is required.
This deposit is NOT applied toward rent; however,
it is fully refundable at check out.

Check-in time                                  :  03.00PM.
Check-out time (strictly)                : 12.00PM.

Please observe this rule as our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare for our next Guests.

An additional of RM20.00 will be charged for every extra hour after 12.00 PM.

Our caretaker will greet guests when the property is ready for occupancy.
Exceptions to this policy will be made by special arrangements.
Please call in advance if you are arriving at a later time so that we can meet you with keys or make other arrangements.

Lanisha Villa is furnished with clean bed linens(sheets ,pillowcases  and one blanket for each Guest).Linen will only be changed at check in and check out .
No additional linen will be provided .Daily housekeeping service is not provided and guest are expected  to keep premises ,linens and surrounding compound clean. 
Trash can are provided inside and outside the bungalow .
Guest are to use garbage cans provided to dispose of trash during stay and must tie up and empty all trash to the outside cans before departure.
Under no circumstances are furniture, bedding, mattress pads, utensils or any other property supplied with the rental property to be taken out
or transferred from one property to another (will result in a charge against Guest(s) RS Deposit).

Guests are responsible for leaving the Bungalows in good order before departure for the next guests.
There will be a cleaning fee of RM 40.00 will be charged if Bungalow is left excessively dirty and dishes left unwashed.

Guest will be supplied a key at check in .You must return the key to the caretaker at check out .
If the keys are not returned or if you lose the key you will be charged RM100.00 fee to rekey all the locks
In the event a Guest(s) is locked out of a property, the Guest(s) can borrow a key by contacting the caretaker.
A charge of RM 50.00 is payable at time of re-entry to property for obtaining the key. If a caretaker is not available then a locksmith will be required.
The Guest(s) will be responsible for cost of this procedure and will have to call the Locksmith themselves and pay them

Pets are strictly NOT ALLOWED.
We are sorry, but all kinds of pets are strictly not permitted on our property.
Any evidence of pets will result in the “RS Deposit” being forfeited and the Guest blacklisted.

The total amount of the reservation Deposit will be forfeited.
Please DO NOT ask for refunds.
~ No refunds for early departures (fewer days than reserved)
~ No Refunds will be given for delayed arrival
~ No refunds for reducing the number of nights.
We recognize sometimes accidents are unavoidable and damage might incur.
Any costs relating to cleaning, repair, or replacement of damaged items is the responsibility of the guest.
All costs relating to damages will be deducted from the RS Deposit and if the charges exceed the deposit,
guests are required to pay the difference before check out.

Our Bungalow should not be compared with any starred hotel or lodging. Our Bungalow is different from the hotel environment.
Our aim is to cater an affordable private, homely and comfortable environment for larger group and family gathering
We try our best to provide very accurate information as possible.

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